Originally written August 13, 2016

My next post was supposed to be a continuation of my adventures in Rome, but today I felt something that I have thought a lot about. After moving my one and only sibling into his college dorm today, I realized how easily time slips through our fingers. I then realized that time is the most precious thing on earth and that not one moment of our time should be wished away. Isn’t it funny how we constantly look forward to and hope for the next big thing in our lives, whether that be a new job, a new place, or a new relationship, all while wishing minutes, days, weeks, years, or our life away. Wishing time of our lives away. I would do anything now, instead of jumping on to the next place and the next people, but to relive some of my life and to feel the blessings and the happiness in those times. After watching my two parents cry leaving my little brother at his new home, I finally understood why they feel that way when we continue to grow up. They feel that way because they would do anything to relive all of those 18 years. Those 18 years that brought so much happiness into their lives and mine as well. Although there is no solution that can slow time down, we can learn to appreciate time more and more. And ironically, the only thing that makes us appreciate the time we have here, is getting older. I guess my point is to be grateful. For every moment you are given. For every place you get to experience no matter how long you are there. The people that come into your life and stay in your life. And the people that come into your life and see their way out because they weren’t meant to be there. Be grateful for every opportunity that does and does not work out. Be so grateful for every morning you wake up and every meal that is placed before you. And most of all be grateful for those that love you and the ones you love. Time gives these things and time takes them away. We don’t know when or where or how but we should always appreciate this precious gift of time.


I’ll post again soon continuing my adventures abroad,