Originally written October 27, 2016

People will fool you. People will fail you. People will lie to you. People will do you wrong. They’ll crush you and forsake you and they’ll even make you question yourself. They will make you question ever trusting another human being again. They will even cheat on you and tear you down and hurt you over and over again. They’ll say they’ve changed and show you, in ways you never thought they would, that they have not. They will beg for chances repeatedly and never mean sorry when they say it. They’ll hide who they are and what they believe and drag you down with them. Get away. Ask Him to help you.

I have seen and experienced that too many times to count and I’m only 21 years old. I just had to learn that again in a big big way, a way I never thought would happen. Through this I have already seen how many people love me and would do absolutely anything for me and that is why I still have faith in people even after being torn down and broken so badly. Most importantly, time and time again, even when I forget to talk to God, He is always there when I come back. Even after He blatantly was telling me what to do and I ignored Him for weeks, months, He was STILL there when everything came crumbling down.

It was perfect timing– our sorority Chaplin posted on the Facebook wall this morning with song lyrics to a song called The Unmaking by Nichole Nordeman. After saying yesterday morning, “I’m broken,” the lyrics “only when we’re broken are we whole” made me break into tears. And it is so true. Everything that I thought I built up for myself and all of the hopes and expectations I had, they came falling down in the blink of an eye and honestly they needed to more than ever. I knew I couldn’t tear those walls down myself so I prayed and prayed to Him that he would do it for me. And that does not make it an easier; trust me, I am so hurt. But He took care of it for me just like I asked Him to and He always will.

People will always fail you and so will worldly possessions, jobs and titles. All of those mean nothing in comparison to Him. He will never fail you, forsake you, leave you lonely, make you feel insecure, fool you, leave you hopeless and he will never stop loving you no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done. He will never leave you feeling empty. People will though.

I don’t always understand what He is doing in my life. And I may never understand why he lets me go through hell in order to get back to Him. But that’s okay and it is just a part of His plan. I am not perfect, none of us are, so He allows us to screw up and make mistakes in order to learn from those mistakes. That may even take quite a few times to realize. It is hard not to get frustrated when that happens because you may wonder why He would allow you to go through so much pain in order to teach you a lesson. And when you are faced with heartache, go to Him when you are hurting, and He will soothe your pain. There is never a time when turning to God isn’t right. Thank Him for your blessings because you have so many, and ask Him to heal you when you are wounded because that will happen many times in life. He will lift you from your troubles and show you a better way than turning to worldly mechanisms.

He is still good and He always will be. That will never change.