Originally written November 20, 2016

Yesterday, I drove up to Clemson to visit my brother for a day for some quality sibling bonding time. First off people, always cherish your brothers and sisters and stay close to them. I know it sounds kind of morbid, but after your parents pass away, your siblings will be your only immediate family left and why wouldn’t you want to have a good relationship with them? I know it took years and years for me and my brother to finally get along, but now we hang out like best buds and its pretty awesome.

Anyways, this will just be a short post telling you about the really cool areas in South Carolina near Clemson. My dad is from that area and so are a lot of my family members, but I honestly always thought South Carolina was just made up of flat fields and beaches. Clemson is basically at the foothills of the mountains and there are some beautiful spots around the area. Yesterday, we grabbed some lunch at Loose Change in downtown Clemson and headed for Table Rock State Park, which we had heard was quite beautiful. After about a 45 minute drive to Table Rock, we drove towards the park entrance only to see a sign that said “Closed due to park wildfire.” I guess we should have checked the website since there have been all these crazy wildfires sparking up lately, but we were pretty bummed. We pulled over at a gas station and tried to figure out somewhere else to go around Table Rock and I came upon something on the internet about a Lake Jocassee that was just about 15 minutes away from where we were. So we went on towards Jocassee; of course we got lost and ended up at the entrance to a gated neighborhood, but the security guard at the gate explained to us where to go to get to the lake. We made it to the lake and got out of the car to find out that it was now freezing cold and that this lake was absolutely beautiful. I read the story of how the lake basically drowned the Cherokee city of Jocassee a long time ago…so thats pretty interesting that there is a whole city under this stunning lake! We walked around for a little over and hour exploring the beach that was on the lake and of course trying to get some neat pictures out of the trip. You could see the mountains overlooking the lake for miles and miles and we could even see the smoke from Table Rock in the distance. As the sun set we walked back to warm up in the car since by now there was no sunshine to supply any warmth at all.

Although we had planned to go to Table Rock and go hiking that day, some things don’t work out for simple reasons. Lake Jocassee was awesome and so was the time that my little brother and I got to spend together. Never take the simple things for granted. And if something doesn’t work out, that means something greater was meant to happen.