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Originally written December 3, 2016

In our last week, we finished up finals for our classes at AUR, spent as much time as we could with each other and tried to hit up all of our favorite spots. I have never been so tired in my whole life. My body was finally breaking down from the lack of sleep and trying to fit everything we hadn’t covered in the last few days. We attempted to visit the Vatican, which this is obviously something you have to do in Rome and we were idiots and waited until the last day to do it. We ended up not being able to find transportation, waiting on buses that never showed up and making it right after they closed. But hey, that gives us all a reason to go back as soon as possible.

The last week in Rome was filled with bittersweet goodbyes to professors, Italian friends, our favorite restaurants and their owners, the most beautiful spots in Rome and lastly, the group of friends that I had grown so close to. I couldn’t bare to say goodbye to these people, and broke down in tears all throughout the week, knowing that this short month was over. This trip was something I looked forward to for my entire college career, and now it was coming to a close. But I was leaving with so many new friends, new memories and new lessons learned about life. I was leaving after finding a simpler, more fulfilling way of life in Italy. I was leaving, knowing I would be back as soon as I could afford it, but taking every ounce of knowledge with me for my next adventures. Rome had become my home…I had never felt this at home at my own apartment in my college town. Things had never felt to easy, so free and so right.

And thats why it was so hard to go. I guess I had it a little easier than the rest, considering me and Sarah were headed off to Ireland on a trip we planned so late within the last week. But we had something else to look forward to. It was just unbelievable that the month had flown by. I remember thinking on the first day that the month was going to be a long one and I would experience so much within that time. I have to admit that at first I was a little scared in the first few days. Not knowing if I would click with the people on the trip, not knowing if I would get homesick and not knowing if the Italian people would absolutely hate us since we were Americans. I would miss the simplicity of the lifestyle they lived. They didn’t care about clothes, or cars, or money, or fancy houses, or social media…none of that stuff that we care way too much about. And it was so refreshing. I miss it every day. Oh and the food; oh boy, I would miss the food the most. American pasta just can’t compare and thats no lie. Same for the wine!

In the next post I’ll finish up talking about Rome, ending things with a little bit about the best friends I made in Italy because they were what made the trip what it was.

Ciao till next time!